We would like to introduce the OB1. It is an out-of-bounds 1 meter measuring stick; it also works great for knocking a disc out of a tree or pulling it from the water. 

Our OB1 fits in the bag with ease. At just 9″ retracted and made from weather resistant stainless steel, it is a great addition to any player’s bag. Do you have a favorite color? The OB1 comes in 5 different handle colors and multiple sleeve options.

Don't Give up any Ground

The way the sport is growing and the continued rule updates show the professional standard is being raised. The one meter of relief is often assumed and we feel most players “short” themselves of relief. With the new radius rule for out of bounds lines, the OB1 makes confirming your lie more efficient.  We all know everyone’s feet are different: 1 meter is not 3 “feet”, it’s 39.37 inches.